What Happens When You Don’t Pump Your Septic Tank?

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Untreated Waste Buildup 

When you flush toilets, bathtubs, showers and laundry, wastewater enters your septic tank. This wastewater then sits in the septic tank for at least a day, where it gets broken down by naturally occurring bacteria. During this process, heavy solids settle to the bottom of the septic tank forming sludge, and grease and light solids float to the top. When a septic tank is not pumped regularly, the solid and liquid waste buildup that occurs inside of it can cause problems. This can include odors, sewer gases, clogged toilets and drain fields, and water well damage. 

Clogged Toilets 

When a septic tank is not pumped regularly, it can lead to clogged toilets. Debris, wads of flushed materials and outside sources can all clog your main drainpipe. Problems with drainage throughout the home, such as a broken sewer line or tree roots that enter the pipes and grow within them, can also lead to clogs. In these situations, a simple plunger should do the trick. However, if your clog doesn’t unclog with plunging alone, then it might be time to call in a plumber. 

Drain Field Failure 

A septic system’s septic tank and soil absorption system (drain field) work together to absorb wastewater from the septic tank before it returns to the ground. If the septic drain field soils can no longer absorb the effluent, it will surface or “blow out” at the end of the trench. So when you don’t pump your septic tank regularly, the liquid waste that was supposed to be pumped into the drain field begins to back up in the household sewer and drain lines. This causes sludge to build up and clog your septic pipes, which will then crack and leak.  


Flooding is a very serious situation that can lead to health hazards and hidden mold. Sewage backup into a home can also create electrical hazards as well as damage the structure of the building. When a septic tank is filled with sewage, the water can look for any path to escape and can cause flooding inside your home. It can also cause a foul odor to emanate from your yard and your drains. Pumping your septic tank on a regular basis can help prevent these issues from occurring, so it’s important to have it done as soon as possible after a flood. 

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