Septic Tank Risers, Lids and Covers in Farmington, NH

Having properly installed and maintained septic tank risers in Farmington, Strafford County, Belknap County, Rockingham County, and Carroll County, NH is paramount to servicing your septic tank. More importantly, however learning about your riser and lid will help you be better aware of your tank’s underground presence.

If you can’t locate your riser, need a new riser installed or are having issues with your existing installation that require the oversight of a trained professional, get in touch with B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC today for more information.


septic tank risers

Many times during home construction, site grading or landscaping, the inlet or service port to your septic tank is buried eighteen or more inches below the grade of your lawn. The law in New Hampshire is 6 inches below the top of the ground or less.

A riser is an extension added to the inlet of your septic tank so that your lid can be placed at grade. The simple act of installing a properly sized riser saves you money each time that your tank is pumped because you won’t have to pay us for the time that we have to spend time digging off your tank lid.

We offer both plastic and concrete risers based upon the customer’s preference. Each has their respective benefits. Please ask us to discuss with you which might best suit your needs.

Lids (Covers)

Septic tank lids in Farmington, NH serve to provide access to your tank for cleaning. They also serve to prevent accidental entry into the tank. A deteriorated lid can be dangerous to you, your family or pets and wildlife. We carry a variety of sizes of plastic and concrete lids in stock to meet your specific tank’s needs. If your lid is cracked, don’t take chances: call us today for a replacement and we will install it properly.

For more information about risers and lids, septic pumping services, grease trap maintenance, or to have these crucial components addressed on your septic system, contact us today by calling 603-755-2110.