New Year New Septic Tank: Tips for a Successful Septic Tank Installation

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While you might hear the phrase “New Year New You” tossed around this time of year, as plumbing professionals, we like to make “New Year New Septic Tank” a thing. The New Year is a great time to schedule all the household maintenance you put off in the previous year such as Septic Tank Installations.

If you’ve never installed a septic tank, you may have questions about the septic tank installation process, along with how to prepare for septic tank installation. In this article, we’ll cover topics like “what to know about septic tank installations” so you can go into the New Year–and your new septic tank–prepared.

What To Know About Septic Tank Installations

The installation of a septic tank is a multi-step process that requires professional help in most cases. Unless you are a septic tank installation specialist with plenty of experience under your belt, most experts would advise that you bring in some pros who have trained in this area of home maintenance rather than attempting to handle this job yourself.

There are several reasons behind this suggestion. Firstly, septic tanks are large pieces of equipment. If you are attempting to tow such a large piece of equipment without having any experience with it, you risk getting seriously hurt or even killed on the job. What’s more, you risk damaging the equipment and the surrounding land. This can create costly problems that are easy to avoid if you simply hire septic tank installation professionals. 

Secondly, septic tanks are vital to keeping bacteria and harmful waste out of your water supply. If you don’t install a septic tank correctly, you risk fecal matter and disease-causing bacteria making its way into your water supply. This can have dire consequences for you and your household. 

Depending on the climate and circumstances of the septic tank installation, you may want to incorporate different techniques to improve the quality of your septic tank and preserve it. For example, if you live in a climate where freezing is a concern for pipes, it may help to ensure that the plumbing in the pump chamber has drain holes that can be adjusted if necessary. 

When purchasing a septic tank, you’ll want to factor in the number of bedrooms and household members in your home. A larger home with more household members will need a larger septic tank to handle the increase in water waste compared to a small one-bedroom home or tiny studio house.

When you are talking to the folks installing your septic tank, you will want to give them information such as the size of your household and your contact information. They will also ask for specific information related to the job. Additionally, you will definitely want to call the utility companies that provide your utilities before you begin the work to avoid injuries or even deaths related to digging into utility lines.


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