What To Do When Your Septic Tank Freezes Over

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There are many issues that homeowners must contend with during the coldest winter months. Among those, issues like having a frozen septic tank can also be potentially dangerous. Recognizing the problem is the key to surviving these cold weather scenarios. That includes how to know when your septic tank is frozen or needs professional services.

How To Fix a Frozen Septic Tank 

Like fixing any problem, we must first recognize the problem and evaluate the situation. When it comes to knowing how to know when your septic tank is frozen and what to do, there are some helpful tips to use. Here are some signs that could indicate that your septic tank is frozen.

No Drainage

One of the first signs that you have frozen pipes or worse — a frozen septic tank is when your drains stop working. It is essential to take action and get help to fix a frozen septic tank or pipes if you can’t fix it yourself.

When your septic tank freezes, it also means that all your drainage systems will stop working. In other words, the toilet won’t flush, and the washer won’t drain, along with all your home’s other drains.

Sewage Ponding

If you are experiencing above-ground or sewage ponding, there is a problem. That could also mean you have a frozen septic system or components that need immediate service or attention.

Sewage Backup

The worst-case scenario is when frozen septic tanks result in sewage backup. When this happens, sewage goes back into the home through its drains. That is also a situation that demands immediate attention, like not using any water and calling the professionals at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC.

Many DIY tips include using hot water, space heaters, or even drain decloggers designed for frozen pipes. The problem is, most of these tips can also avail some potentially dangerous or costly results. The safest and smartest option is to get professional septic services if you think you have a frozen septic system.

B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC

Welcome to B.H Cameron Septic Services LLC, where we have proudly provided efficient and cost-effective septic solutions since 2005. We offer services for both residential and commercial needs, in addition to helping with your septic system development, design, and even installation permits.

B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC offers peace of mind with routine maintenance service after the job, and we are proactive to avoid issues like freezing. Contact us to learn how we can help with your septic service or maintenance needs or if you need emergency services today. 

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