Tips for Preventing Septic System Issues During Winter

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Your septic system is more important than you might realize. Taking the time to take some extra steps this winter to keep it functioning properly is a must. You can do a few things to ensure your septic tank will keep working well for you all winter.

How To Prevent Septic System Issues During the Winter Season

There are some common septic system issues during the winter that anyone with a septic tank needs to be aware of and know how to prevent and care for.

  • The first problem you might come up against is a frozen tank or frozen lines. To prevent this, you may need to cover your septic tank or insulate it to keep it from freezing up. Most tanks will be buried deep enough that they will not freeze unless you have an exceptionally cold night or day.
  • Snow and soil pressure may also be an issue to look out for. Septic tanks are plastic, which means that too much pressure on them can cause them to dent and become damaged. If you have a lot of snow on top of your septic tank, you should shovel it off if you can.
  • Overuse or improper use is another issue you might be dealing with. If you have guests who do not know that you do not flush toilet paper in your house, for instance, they can end up flushing things they should not flush. Take the time to lay out the rules and get your tank pumped.
  • Irregular use can also be a problem. If you are away for a long time and you are not using your toilet or your septic tank, the pipes can freeze. If you are going to be away for a long time, you might want to have your tank pumped before you leave.
  • Breaches in the pipes can also be an issue during the colder months. If you notice that the leach field of your tank is very wet, this might be a sign of a burst pipe.

Signs of Septic System Issues To Look for Before Winter

There are some signs you can look for before winter gets here. If your toilet is frequently backing up, it might mean that your tank is overfull. A very wet leach field can mean burst pipes and an overfull tank. The smell of sewage in your yard may also mean your tank is backing up.

If you have any issues with your septic tank before winter, it is always best to have these issues taken care of before it gets too cold and before the problems get worse.

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