Fall Leach Field Maintenance: What You Need To Know

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For people with a septic system, it is important to know just how to maintain your leach field and adapt to the changing seasons. There are some things that you can do to help keep your leach field working properly during the fall months. Keep reading to find out how to properly maintain your leach field during the fall.

How To Maintain Leach Field During Fall

The first thing to remember when caring for your leach field during the fall is that you are more likely to get clogs during the fall than in other seasons. Falling leaves can block drains, keep water in your leach field, and make it difficult for your leach field to drain properly. Another issue during the fall is that trees and shrubs are focusing their growth on their roots, and their roots are seeking water. Your leach field is a perfect place for roots to take over and this can cause tons of problems.

You should take the time to keep your leach field free of roots and leaves and make sure that you keep it clean. You also want to avoid parking or driving on your drain field. Most septic systems have pipes that come out into the leach field to help move water out of the septic tank and back into the water table. Parking or driving on these pipes can damage them, bend and crack them, and make it so that your leach field does not work the way it needs to.

What To Know About Leach Field Maintenance During Fall

If you are dealing with issues in your leach field and you feel that fall leach field maintenance tips have not helped, it is always a good idea to call a professional. Your leach field is what keeps your yard from flooding, it keeps your septic tank from overflowing, and it keeps your yard safe. If there is an issue with the leach field, there is a good chance that your septic tank will back up.

If you notice that there is water backing up into your home, your yard smells like sewage or there is a strange smell, or if there is standing water in your yard when there has not been any rain, this can mean that your septic tank is not working properly and that there is an issue with your leach field.  

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