How To Unclog a Leach Field

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The leach field or drain field is a crucial part of your septic system. Not only does the drain field affect the plumbing inside your home, but it also affects the health and safety of your entire community. This is why there are very specific health regulations in place to control the installation, repair and maintenance of drain fields. If you are having issues with your system, such as clogged drain fields, it is important to have those issues resolved quickly. Keep reading to learn more about unclogging drain fields.

The Lifespan of a Drain Field

When properly maintained, a drain field should last you up to 25 years. This lifespan could be shorter, however, depending on circumstances. For instance, if your septic system is not properly maintained over the years, or there is damage to the system or the drain field, it could cut down on the usable years.

Understanding Clogged Drain Fields

The health of the drain field is based mainly on the bacteria that work there. Bacteria are a vital part of the septic system. Bacteria in the drain field are working non-stop to break down solid organic material. When the bacteria are able to do their job properly, the material is broken down at the proper rate and the drain field is able to move things along in a natural process. However, this process can be interrupted when the bacteria cannot do their job properly.

This can happen for a couple of different reasons. One of the most common reasons is that things are going into the system that will kill the bacteria or that will prevent them from working efficiently. This can include harsh cleaning supplies and inorganic solid matter that cannot be broken down properly.

What Causes a Leach Field to Get Clogged?

If your drain field is clogged, you will be aware of this when wastewater begins to flow back up into your home or it will start to rise up to the top of the soil. You will notice bad-smelling water accumulating in the general area of the drain field.

Another sign could be very thick green grass growing throughout the area. You may notice this before you notice standing water.

How to Unclog Drain Fields

If you start to notice a problem with your drain field, it is important to deal with it quickly. You could cause further damage to your system if you ignore this, and you could also wind up violating health codes in your community. The first thing you should do is stop contributing to the problem. Do not put anything down the drains that would stop the natural bacteria process. 

Unclogging a drain field is not exactly a DIY project. You will need to contact a septic service company in your area to evaluate the problem and take the necessary steps to resolve the issues. These professionals can help answer the question of what do you need to do to unclog your leach field. 

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