Ways To Keep Your Septic System From Failing and What to Do if It Does

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Your septic system is a vital part of your home and how it functions. It helps to remove harmful waste from your home to make it safer and cleaner. Though most people will not have trouble with their septic tanks, there are times when your septic system may fail. It is important to know how to prevent septic system failure, what to do if your septic system fails, and how to identify potential problems.

How Can You Make Sure Your Septic System Doesn’t Fail?

The first is to make sure you are only flushing things down the toilet that are meant to be flushed — this means waste and septic-safe toilet tissue. Though you might think that "flushable wipes" are acceptable, they still take a very long time to break down and are not really all that safe for your tank. By making sure you are only flushing things like waste and septic-safe tissue, you can dramatically reduce the chances that your system will back up. Though there is no way to ensure without a doubt that your septic system is going to work well for you until the day that you either move or no longer need it, there are ways that you can greatly reduce your chances of failure.

Septic tanks work on the principle that the bacteria present in the tank will break down any solid waste that might be in the tank and help keep it at a safe level that is not too full. To help this breakdown process, you can always try septic tank additives that help break down the waste and help balance the bacteria in your septic tank.

Another thing you can do is to get your septic tank flushed or pumped out regularly. There are plenty of options when it comes to having your tank pumped. You should be able to get away with having it pumped every couple of years to help keep levels down and help keep the tank from overflowing.

What Do You Do if Your Septic System Is Failing?

With a system that is as important as a septic system, you should contact a professional as soon as you start to notice that things might not be working properly. If you notice that there is a greater than normal amount of water in the yard near where the tank is buried, if you notice that water is backing up into the house or that the toilet won’t flush, or if you notice a smell of sewage in your yard, you should get help.

Contacting a reliable septic system company as soon as you start to experience issues will help you get your septic system back on track. With something like a septic system that affects you and your family and the water table where you live, it is important to ensure that you keep it working well.

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