Why You Should Avoid Septic Tank Pumping in the Winter

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Winter is a great time for a lot of things. Skiing. Ice skating. Hot cocoa. However, this season is not a good time for septic tank pumping. Why? What happens if you pump a septic tank in the winter?

Many things can go wrong. So, is it okay to pump a septic tank in the winter? Consider the following scenarios.

It could freeze

Once you pump your septic tank, it can take several days to several weeks to refill. For example, a typical two-person home would require about eight days to refill. During that time, there will be no wastewater traveling to your tank and through the system. As a result, the soil treatment area could freeze. This can prevent future use as well as cause damage to the system.

The lid may be hard to access

What happens if you pump a septic tank in the winter? You have to access the lid, which might be buried in frozen soil. It can be very difficult to dig down through the icy dirt to gain access to the lid, which is necessary to service the septic tank. This process is much easier in the warmer seasons when the ground is not frozen.

You may not have a place for the septage

What do you plan to do with the septage once it is pumped from your tank? If you usually land-apply the septage rather than take it to a treatment plant, this might not be possible in the winter. If the soil is frozen, you may not be allowed to land-apply it, or it might be very challenging to do so.

Bacteria don’t like the cold

Your septic tank system operation depends on bacteria. After the tank is pumped, it takes time for bacteria to get up to full speed. This takes even longer in the winter. Bacteria grow more quickly in warmer conditions and perform better, so you may want to restart their growth process in warmer months.

Is it ever okay to pump a septic tank in the winter?

Of course, there may be times when you have to pump your septic tank in the winter. It’s best to avoid pumping during this season, but if you experience a sewage backup in the home or in the yard, you will need to pump your tank. Or if the system fails, you will need to pump and replace the tank.

If you encounter any of these emergency situations, contact a septic tank professional for best results. Do not attempt to pump or replace your unit on your own. Trained technicians have the tools and skill necessary to complete this process safely and efficiently, even in the winter.

We’re here year-round

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