What’s an Eco-Friendly Septic System?

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If you’re from a rural area, it’s safe to assume that you know at least a little bit about septic systems. Without one, you wouldn’t have indoor plumbing. But are you familiar with septic systems that are eco-friendly in Strafford County, NH?

Eco-friendly or green septic systems use technology called passive treatment to break down harmful contaminants found in wastewater. Passive treatment employs naturally occurring bacteria that neutralize the wastewater contaminants before returning the treated water to the soil and eventually the water table.

Eco-friendly septic system components

Compared to a traditional septic system, an eco-friendly septic system is fairly simple. It is composed of a pipe, bio-accelerator fabric, a green plastic fiber mat and a covering made of a black geotextile.

The pipe isn’t just a standard PVC plumbing pipe—it has ridges and skimmers incorporated into it. The ridges work to increase the pipe’s surface area and facilitate bacteria growth. The skimmers, located on either end of the pipe, prevent clogs and solids from leaving the pipe.

The bio-accelerator fabric is located at the bottom edge of the pipe and works to enhance water treatment, screen additional solids and protect the outer layers of the pipe. A green plastic fiber mat covers the bio-accelerator fabric and provides a large bacterial treatment area that also enhances solid filtration while protecting the outermost covering.

Speaking of the covering, this component is made of a geotextile that offers another bacterial treatment surface and a secure surrounding for the rest of the system.

Eco-friendly septic system benefits

There are almost too many benefits of green septic systems in Strafford County, NH to list all at once. One of the main reasons to choose a green system is that it doesn’t rely on toxic chemicals for wastewater treatment. This obviously appeals to anyone who’s concerned about the state of our environment.

Those who are budget-conscious may also want to consider a green system. Because they’re smaller and have fewer components than a traditional septic system, they’re often a less expensive choice. These systems also don’t require as much ongoing maintenance, saving a bundle of money throughout the years.

If time is of the essence and you need a septic system ASAP, go green! Unlike a standard wastewater treatment—which can take a week to install—an eco-friendly system can be installed in less than a day in many cases.

Hire us to install your eco-friendly septic system

If you’re ready to install septic systems that are eco-friendly in Strafford County, NH, then call our team at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC. We’re a full-service team of professionals, offering everything from septic system installation to maintenance, pumping, inspections and more. Our team is accredited by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Sciences and is able to work on both residential and commercial projects.

The choice is clear if you need anything related to a septic system—call B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC. Nobody beats us when it comes to installing, pumping or maintaining green septic systems in Strafford County, NH.

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