Residential Septic Tank Inspection Checklist

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Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or you’re simply concerned about the state of your septic tank in Strafford County, NH, it’s never a bad idea to schedule a septic tank inspection on your property.

There are routine questions involved in any septic tank inspection checklist used by professionals to ensure a septic system is functioning properly. If you’re curious about what to expect from your septic tank inspection, here are the questions you can look forward to your septic contractor finding the answers to during their visit.

Septic tank inspection questions

  • Are manhole covers exposed to allow for a complete inspection of the septic tank and its components?
  • Are manhole covers functional and without damage?
  • Was the septic tank pumped at the time of inspection to allow for an interior tank inspection?
  • Does the septic tank appear to be free of apparent visible physical damage?
  • Are the inlet and outlet baffles present and without visible damage or deterioration?
  • If an effluent filter is present, does it appear to be functional?
  • Does the current effluent level and scum line within the septic tank appear to be normal?
  • What material is the septic tank constructed from?

Pump tank inspection questions

  • Does the pump chamber appear to be structurally functional?
  • Do the electrical connections to the effluent pump within the pump chamber appear to be undamaged and fully functional?
  • Do the activation floats for the effluent pump appear functional?
  • Is the pump elevated six inches off the bottom of the pump chamber?
  • Is there a functional warning alarm present? Does it go off at 75 percent capacity?

Drain field inspection questions

  • Is the drain field area able to be located?
  • Was a load test able to be performed?
  • Was functional flow observed from the dwelling to the septic tank without signs of backups or effluent appearing on the surface of the ground?
  • Are the lateral cleanouts visible, and do they appear to be functional and fully intact?
  • Was the drain field able to be probed?
  • Did the drain field appear functional without signs of saturation?
  • If used, did the dye stay contained and not visibly break out onto the surface?
  • Was the septic tank absent of backflow from the outlet line or drain field?
  • Is the maintained area of the lawn absent of lush green grass or vegetation?
  • Does gray water discharge into the septic system and not on the ground or into a nearby stream?
  • Does the effluent appear to distribute evenly throughout the drain field?

Schedule your inspection today

If you’re considering purchasing or selling a home, don’t wait to schedule your septic tank inspection in Strafford County, NH. Contact the experts at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC to schedule an appointment today. We are a trusted local company that has been serving the community with a full range of septic services for more than 15 years. If your inspection turns up any areas of concern, you can trust our knowledgeable team and our affordable services to set your septic system right again.

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