How Do I Keep My Septic Tank from Freezing?

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As colder weather approaches, it’s important to take steps to properly winterize your home. Septic system maintenance in Strafford County, NH is a crucial part of this winterization process. If your septic tank freezes, this will cause multiple problems with your system. To avoid these issues, use the following tips to keep your tank from freezing this winter:

  • Insulate it with mulch: To protect the tank from freezing temperatures, cover the tank, pipes and soil treatment system with a layer of mulch, about 10 inches thick. You can also use hay, straw or leaves to create this layer of insulation. Be sure to keep the material loose, so it does not become too dense. You don’t want it to become compacted and freeze.
  • Keep the flow going: Use warm water frequently to keep it flowing through your system. Consider spreading laundry chores throughout the week. Running the dishwasher and taking hot showers also helps prevent septic tank freezing. Time these tasks so you’re using warm water each day. However, do not simply leave the water running constantly. This is not a good form of septic system maintenance in Strafford County NH, as it will overwhelm your system.
  • Prepare for vacations: If you’ll be leaving for the holidays or taking a vacation, be sure to take precautions so your tank doesn’t freeze while you’re away. You can pump out the tank before you leave, or you can ask someone to visit your home and use warm water regularly to prevent the system from freezing.
  • Repair all leaks: If you have any leaky fixtures or appliances in the home, make repairs before cold weather sets in. This is good septic system maintenance in Strafford County, NH for any time of the year, but it is especially important during colder seasons.
  • Avert traffic: Do not drive or park any vehicles on the system. It is also best to avoid frequent animal and foot traffic in these areas as well, especially between the house and the tank. Traffic that travels over the system compacts the soil and snow and causes frost to seep lower, potentially reaching your septic system.
  • Watch for red flags: Throughout the winter, keep a close eye on your septic system. Watch for any ponding or seeping. If you notice any issues, contact a professional right away. The technician can complete an inspection and perform any necessary septic system maintenance in Strafford County, NH before the issue worsens. This will help you avoid serious damage and more problems down the line.

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