What Should I Know About Maintaining My Grease Trap?

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When you’re running a bustling kitchen, one of the most crucial aspects of your daily routine should be keeping everything clean. You wipe down counters, clear out old food and mop the floors, but that’s just the beginning. While you’re focused on keeping your kitchen as clean as possible, it is important that you aren’t overlooking some tremendously important aspects of your kitchen. Take, for instance, the grease trap.

If your grease trap is neglected, you’ll discover that water drains more slowly from your faucet. A funky smell will fill the air. You might even find that your kitchen is at higher risk for a fire. Grease traps that are allowed to get too bad can go on to clog public sewer lines and cause issues for the broader community. It’s no wonder that overflowing grease traps spotted by a health inspector could land your kitchen in a whole lot of trouble. That’s why grease trap cleaning in Strafford County, NH is so essential.

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your grease trap continues to work at peak efficiency for years to come.

Fight back against FOG

When you’re talking about the health of your grease trap, what you’re really discussing is your strategy for reducing the amount of fats, oils and grease (FOG) that enters your trap. The most important thing you can do on that front is to reduce the volume of fats, oils and grease that gets flushed down your drains. Whenever possible, you should be putting grease and other solid waste directly into your trash.

How often should I clean my grease trap?

When planning your strategy for grease trap cleaning in Strafford County, NH, the frequency will depend upon the type of food you’re serving. On average, it’s a good idea to have your grease trap cleaned once a month. However, if you’re serving grease-heavy cuisine, you’ll want to clean it more frequently. A good rule of thumb is to apply the 25 percent rule: that is, when your grease trap is a quarter full of FOG, it’s time to clean it out.

Trust a professional

As a savvy entrepreneur, it’s only natural to want to save some money every month. However, grease trap maintenance isn’t the place to do that. A grease trap is a vital catch-all for your kitchen. What’s more, a lot can go wrong if you try to take on the task yourself. You could install the trap backwards. You could pick one that is too small for your establishment. You also don’t have the training to spot minor issues before they become costly problems.

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