Is My Septic System in Good Working Order?

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If you keep up on septic system maintenance in Strafford County, NH, you will likely enjoy a functional system that keeps your home sanitary and pleasant. However, there’s always a chance that something out of your control will occur and your septic system will fail to work as well as it did previously. Here are five signs that your septic system is struggling:

  • Slow drains: A slow drain may be a matter of using a plunger or removing a temporary hair clog. Many clogs are easily dealt with using do-it-yourself fixes, but consistently slow drains are a bad sign for septic systems. You could be experiencing a backup due to failure to break down waste, or have issues with the pipes. This is an early sign of trouble, so act on it quickly.
  • Backups: Overflowing toilets and sewage bubbling up from drains will get your attention and show that the situation is quickly becoming unsanitary. This is often the result of your tank being full or damaged. If you do not remember the last time you pumped your tank and you experience this symptom, it’s likely time to address that and repair any resulting damage. Otherwise you risk waste escaping and contaminating groundwater.
  • Sunken patches: If your yard contains sunken and smelly patches, you may be experiencing tank leakage. Many people overlook this sign because normal water flow from sprinklers sometimes concentrates spray in spots and causes water accumulation. However, if this is a new development, you may have a fresh septic leak. Call your septic service company soon.
  • Thriving vegetation: You may not love septic waste in your groundwater, but your plants will thrive. If you have a septic system, grass, weeds and other foliage suddenly growing taller and bushier is not cause for celebration. It is likely that your septic system provides new fertilizer, and that is making plant life grow crazy. Unless you recently adjusted your landscaping methods for better fertilizer or the thriving growth occurs throughout your garden and lawn, you may need to test your septic system.
  • Contaminated groundwater: Bad smells in the dishwasher and clothes washer, gastrointestinal illness throughout your household and bad-tasting well water are just a few signs of groundwater contamination. This sign arises when you ignored all the other signs of septic distress, and now, tank failure has breached your water supply. This is a serious problem and an emergency. Address it now.

Minor issues can be addressed with a dye test which flushes color dyed into the waste lines to see if it emerges as a leak. It is the most affordable test and can save you a world of grief. More serious issues need a full tank excavation that involves opening the access ports and distribution box, and pumping out the tank to find damage. It is more expensive, but cheaper than replacing a septic system, which can cost $6,000 or more.

B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC performs septic system maintenance throughout Strafford County, NH. If you require septic pumping or testing, call us today to schedule a visit.

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