Is Your Area’s Stay-at-Home Order Affecting Your Septic System?

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The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders have had a significant impact on all of our lives. With everyone in the family suddenly at home nearly 24/7, the pandemic has had a big effect on septic systems, too. This post will cover how stay-at-home orders can affect septic systems and how you can avoid problems with septic system servicing in Strafford County, NH:

  • More bathroom usage: The commodes in your home have undoubtedly gotten more use since stay-at-home orders came out. After all, you can’t use the bathroom at the office or school anymore! All of that additional flushing and handwashing makes the septic tank fill up faster than usual.
  • Longer showers: Taking a quick shower in the morning doesn’t seem as necessary if you don’t have anywhere to go during the day. A lot of folks are taking their time to get ready and really enjoying a nice, hot shower. Just be advised that the more long showers you take, the faster the septic tank will fill up.
  • More home-cooked meals: With restaurants closed or only offering takeout or delivery options, more families are cooking and eating their meals together at home. Eating as a family is great, but just be careful during cleanup. Food scraps from dinner and grease from pots and pans should never go down the drain, where it will collect in the septic tank.

Avoid problems while you’re at home

Nobody wants to deal with septic system issues. Luckily, septic problems are easier to avoid than you might think. These are a few tips to avoid any septic malfunctions:

  • Schedule pumping: The easiest way to ensure your septic system is working to the best of its ability is to call for septic system servicing in Strafford County, NH. Your system should be pumped and cleaned every three to five years to avoid backups and control odors.
  • Watch your usage: It’s not always easy to cut back on your bathroom usage, but it’s important to try, especially if you have a large family with a small septic tank. Additionally, don’t do excessive amounts of laundry in one day, as this puts a ton of strain on the tank.

Hire our professionals for help

There are plenty of companies in town that can service your septic tank, but be sure to choose our pros at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC. Here are a few reasons our customers come to us time and time again:

  • Courteous service: When you work with our team, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get service with a smile. Along with being friendly and informative, our pros are always mindful of your property and avoid trampling on your plants and flowers.
  • Wide range of services: From cleaning and pumping to leach field maintenance, we do it all at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC! When it comes to septic systems, there’s nothing we can’t tackle.

We might be stuck at home for longer than we originally anticipated, so make sure your septic system is ready to handle the extra workload by calling for septic system servicing in Strafford County, NH. Our pros at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC can pump, clean and inspect your system to ensure everything looks and functions as it should.

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