Common Reasons for Septic Tank Failure

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It’s important for all homeowners with septic systems to stay on top of routine maintenance of their systems to ensure they function properly and efficiently. A failure to keep up with septic system servicing in Strafford County, NH could shorten the lifespan of the system and increase the risk of catastrophic system failure, which could be extremely expensive to repair.

Here are just a few of the most common causes of septic tank failure that you should be aware of as a homeowner.

Overuse of water

One of the more common reasons for septic tank failure is the overuse of water. Septic tanks are designed to have a specific capacity, and if the tank starts to exceed those limits, it will not be able to absorb all the water being sent to it, resulting in it either pushing it back up the pipes (causing a backup in your home) or directly out into your yard without being properly treated in the tank first.

You can help to avoid this problem by tracking and regulating your water usage, including by taking shorter showers and spreading out laundry loads over the course of the week. But you should also make sure there aren’t any issues in your plumbing system that could potentially cause excess water usage, including leaks, burst pipes or poor installation.

Physical damage

There are certain forms of physical damage that can greatly affect a tank’s operation and viability. You should never attempt to build or pave on top of a septic system, drive a vehicle over it or park/place anything heavy on top of it. This could crush the pipes or the tank itself, or, at the very least, cause it to shift its position under the ground due to soil compaction. It also prevents air from entering the soil, which will make it harder and thus more difficult to make repairs or perform maintenance when needed.

Make sure you install septic systems at least 25 feet away from trees, roads or anywhere else where there might be vehicles or future construction. When landscaping, make sure you know where the tank is located so you can avoid disturbing it. Any plants that have extensive root systems should be kept far away.

Lack of maintenance

Failure to keep up with ongoing maintenance is the most common reason for premature failure of septic tanks. You should have the tank pumped at least every five years, but possibly more frequently depending on the size of the tank, the number of people in your household and the level of usage your plumbing system sees. There are other forms of maintenance that may be required as well, including service to any of the electrical or other components that make up the system.

Septic tank failure is generally preventable, and keeping on top of your septic system maintenance should help you keep the system in good condition for many years to come. For more information about septic tank maintenance or to schedule septic system servicing in Strafford County, NH, contact B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC today.

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