Summer Tips for Your Septic System

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With summer just around the corner, it’s just about time to start spending a lot more time outside. When you think of all the fun activities you probably have planned for your summer, the last thing you’re going to want to have to worry about is having to make sudden, unexpected repairs to your septic system.

With this in mind, here are a few septic system maintenance tips for you to follow this summer to help you keep your septic system in Strafford County, NH in good condition and to avoid causing any unnecessary and otherwise avoidable damage:

  • Never drive or park on top of the system: Know exactly where your septic system is located, and avoid driving, parking or putting any heavy equipment on top of it. Anything heavier than a lawn mower should not go on top of your drain field. Even though the septic system is underground, the soil compaction caused by heavy equipment and vehicles can result in the drain system becoming inefficient or even inoperable. It could also potentially result in damage to the pipes that lead to and from your septic system, if the compaction becomes too much for them to handle.
  • Choose your landscaping smartly: Planning on doing some landscaping work this summer? Just make sure you take your septic system into account when you do so. It’s not uncommon for large root systems to interfere with the effectiveness of a drain field and the general operations of a septic system, so avoid planting trees or bushes that will have root systems that will get down into the septic system and potentially cause damage. When planting over a septic system, you should always choose annuals or shallow-root perennials, which will not cause this issue.
  • Know what to avoid flushing: It’s always worth reminding everyone in your household to practice good flushing habits. There are certain items that should never be flushed down a toilet, whether you have a septic system or a municipal drain system. These include disposable wipes, feminine hygiene products or really anything other than human waste and toilet paper. Flushing items down the drain that do not belong in a septic system is a great way to damage it and require some significant and expensive repairs.
  • Prepare for summer parties: Summer is an ideal time for barbecues and outdoor parties. When you have more people at your home, that means there’s going to be more of a strain put on your septic system, as all of your plumbing features will get more use. It can be a good idea to call in for septic service in advance of these summer gatherings if you have not had your system serviced in a while. This will ensure you can avoid any potential mishaps or issues when you have guests over during your summer events.

For more information about some of the steps you can take this summer for septic system maintenance in Strafford County, NH, contact B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC today.

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