Spring Weather Leach Field Issues and How to Avoid Them

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As the weather changes into spring, there are a lot of pleasant signs to behold. Birds start chirping, snow is melting, flowers are blooming and everyone seems to just be in a better mood a lot of the time. Warm weather and new growth mean the rebirth in the cycle of the planet, and it’s a time for excitement, to be sure. However, there are also some unique challenges presented for owners of septic systems. Specifically, there can be challenges for leach field maintenance in Strafford County, NH.

Fortunately, our team has been in the business for years and has picked up some tips that will help you navigate these times. It’s always best to contact professionals when it comes to septic systems, but here are some particular challenges to keep an eye out for.

Overworked septic system

The rush of water that happens in most places in the country in springtime can be very tough on your septic system. They are made to deal with specific levels of liquids, so a rush of water can cause a real strain that you want to watch out for. It can potentially be working with twice as much water in a wet spring, so keep an eye out.

You want to prepare for this contingency by making sure that your septic system is pumped out well in advance of the spring rush so that it is empty enough to handle excess fluids. You can also help out with leach field maintenance in Strafford County, NH by staggering water use in the home, like showers and laundry.

Backed-up drains

Another tell-tale sign of septic system strain is when your drains start to get backed up. This is often accompanied by symptoms that are relatively easy to spot, such as odors from drains or gurgling sounds coming from them as well. A septic system that is handling too much water will send some of this excess back up your pipes, leading to these drains becoming overwhelmed. You can get ahead of this problem by having your drains professionally cleaned on a regular basis to help prepare for this possibility.

Debris in your tank

Springtime often means storms, and storms mean that debris can be taken down from vegetation or homes. Pine cones, branches and leaves are just some of the solid culprits that can wreak havoc on a septic system. Keep your yard free of debris to minimize the strain of leach field maintenance in Strafford County, NH, and you will be glad you prepared for this situation.

Flooded drain field

Your drain field can flood during spring rain—that’s just the fact of the matter. This can lead to contaminated groundwater, so be certain that your drain field is properly aerated to help out. Also, make sure your downspouts are directed well away from the drain field to help keep water away.

Preparing for septic tank challenges in the spring is a fact of life, but a little planning can go a long way. B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC is your partner in this matter, and can help out with professional insight throughout the year—give us a call any time!

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