The Most Common Septic Problems

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As a homeowner, there are a lot of different systems that you have to maintain to ensure that everything on your property continues to function effectively and efficiently. If you rely on a septic system to manage waste from your home, there are a lot of extra steps you have to take that homeowners who rely on municipal waste systems might not. Understanding a few of the most common issues associated with septic systems can help you care for your system more effectively and ensure that you’re keeping up with septic system maintenance in Strafford County, NH as needed:

  • Bacterial imbalance: Bacteria is essential for proper septic system function. If there is a microbial imbalance in your septic system, your system will not process waste effectively, and this can lead to extensive problems with your septic system. Bacterial imbalances can be caused by a number of different things, including the use of chemical cleaners that end up going down your home’s drains.
  • Water overflow: If your tank is being overfilled with water at a rapid rate, it might not be able to process everything that’s coming in, and this can lead to water backing up into your home’s plumbing. Oftentimes, this tank overfilling is caused by excessive simultaneous water use involving multiple appliances and fixtures. You can avoid this problem by staggering water use throughout the day and reducing your water use whenever possible.
  • System clogs: It’s common for septic systems to become clogged by debris like “flushable” wipes, feminine products and cotton products like Q-tips that are flushed down the toilet. Once a clog has developed, you will need professional septic system cleaning in Strafford County, NH to resolve the issue. To prevent clogs from forming, you can monitor what you’re flushing or pouring down the drain to limit the amount of debris that enters your system.
  • Infrequent pumping: Your septic tank must be pumped regularly to get rid of waste that can’t be processed through the drain field. If you don’t pump frequently enough, your system won’t have the capacity to process waste from your home, and that can contribute to extensive system damage and long-term capacity issues.
  • Drain field damage: Your drain field is a designated area where water is naturally filtered through the soil after it has been processed by your septic system. The drain field includes a series of pipes that promote proper drainage, and these pipes can be damaged by things on the surface of your soil. For example, if you park a car or heavy piece of equipment on your drain field, it might cause serious damage to your system.

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