Pros and Cons of Using Septic Tank Risers in Strafford County, NH

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If your home or business is hooked up to a private septic system instead of a shared sewer system, then all the care and maintenance is up to you. Cleanings, unclogging, tank pumping, parts repairs, professional system checks and other tasks are all your responsibility, but caring for your septic system doesn’t have to be especially hard. In fact, it’s a relatively simple chore when you take the time to understand your system and learn how to maintain it properly.

To make care and maintenance simpler, some property owners have decided to add tank risers to their septic systems. Are septic risers right for you? Read on for some information about the pros and cons of using septic tank risers in Strafford County, NH!

The purpose of septic tank risers

A septic riser is a plastic or concrete pipe that runs vertically from your system’s pump-out openings or access ports, and is found at the top of a septic tank that runs to about ground level. A huge benefit of these types of materials is that they’re durable against harsh weather and environmental conditions; they’re especially great in areas where freezing occurs. Even though this is a commonsense concept, septic risers are regularly missing from standard septic tank systems and many older models.

The pros

Below are the two main benefits of risers for most septic systems:

  • Visibility: Look around any property that utilizes a septic tank riser and you will see how easily identifiable the septic system is. It’s very helpful to be able to see where your septic system runs so you can monitor its function. And if something goes wrong, this identifying feature can quickly lead your septic professional in the right direction for repairs.
  • Protection from the elements: Quality septic tank risers are very durable and built to withstand the outside elements. Regardless of whether your riser is made of concrete or heavy-duty plastic, it comes with a lid to block debris from getting inside your system.

The cons

Here’s a look at two of the downsides of septic tank risers:

  • Installation process: As mentioned above, not all septic systems come standard with septic risers. If your septic tank was not designed with a riser, and you want one, your best bet is to call a professional to have one installed. This one-time service call comes with a small fee and may require digging up a part of your yard. Once the installation is complete, your new septic riser should not require additional maintenance or call for additional service fees.
  • Aesthetics: A reasonable concern of many people who are considering a septic tank riser is how they will affect the appearance of their yard. It’s true that septic tank risers do slightly stick out of the ground, meaning there’s a chance they may be visible depending on where your system is located on your property. Even though this is unappealing, risers can be easily concealed behind strategically-placed garden features.

If you are in need of septic system service in Strafford County, NH, call the pros at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC today!

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