Grease Trap Maintenance Tips for Summer

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It’s no secret that people love to go out to eat during the summertime. Kids are on school vacation, and adults are often off of work for a time and enjoying the warm weather. This means that restaurants can usually expect increased traffic volumes during the height of the summer season.

There are a number of things that restaurants have to do to prepare for an increased number of potential customers. For instance, they have to adjust their ordering habits, and consider rearranging their seating. Additionally, restaurants may have to hire seasonal staff to accommodate for the influx of new guests.

Unfortunately, one of the things that restaurateurs often overlook while preparing for an influx of summer business is the state of their grease trap. Investing in grease trap cleaning in Strafford County, NH, however, is an essential step toward preparedness that can make or break your team’s success in the kitchen this summer.

Clogged or dirty grease traps could cause serious delays or issues in the kitchen during the peak of your busiest days. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind to help you keep your grease trap in prime condition this year:

  • Establish a cleaning schedule: One of the most significant things that you can do is establish a routine cleaning schedule to follow for your grease trap cleaning. You should plan to invest in grease trap cleaning right before the busy season begins, and then plan to schedule one or two cleanings in the height of the season.
  • Follow best practices: Cleaning is only worthwhile if you and your employees know the best practices surrounding your restaurant’s grease trap. For example, you should know the best way to keep your grease trap clean, and you should know about the types of items that can and cannot go into the trap.
  • Don’t try to fix it on your own: Never attempt to use a store-bought degreaser or cleaning solution on your commercial grease trap. These harsh chemicals are formulated for use in residential sinks—you may end up damaging expensive restaurant equipment. Instead, call for professional assistance.
  • Prepare for the worst: You should always be prepared for the worst. While maintaining your grease trap and investing in regular cleaning services is the best way to ensure that it stays in great shape, there’s always the chance that it could still malfunction when you need it the most. Keep the number of a trusted grease trap cleaner on hand at all times.

B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC has been a trusted provider of grease trap pumping in Strafford County, NH since 2005. We possess more than a decade’s worth of experience working with the local restaurant industry, supporting them in their efforts to keep their kitchens clean and grease-free. If you’re looking for a trusted local partner to assist you with your grease trap cleaning and maintenance this summer season, reach out to one of our friendly, highly qualified representatives. We’re the most trusted source of grease trap cleaning in Strafford County, NH.

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