Septic Tanks, Now and Then: A History of Septic Services in Strafford County, NH

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Do you use septic services in Strafford County, NH? Many property owners think little about this service unless there is a problem. Many know little about how the system actually works, and even fewer know how the system came into being.

The history of septic companies in Strafford County, NH can be traced back over 150 years, to the first septic system. Following is a brief history of this industry and how it has evolved into the septic services we have today.

Thank you, John Mouras

More appropriately, we should say, “merci,” John Mouras. This French inventor of the septic tank introduced the world to this system around 1860. Mouras created a simple prototype to use on his property in France. He constructed the tank out of concrete and used clay for the piping. Pipes brought wastewater from his house to the tank in his yard. If the sewage overflowed, it was released from the tank into a cesspool.

Ten years after constructing the system, Mouras inspected the tank to see how it was doing. He discovered a tank nearly completely free of solids. After this success, his working system was brought to the U.S. in 1883.

Safety Concerns

As septic tanks were introduced, it became clear they would have to be handled properly to avoid harm to people and the environment. Because of this, regulations were developed to guide the safety and standards of septic services.

The Massachusetts State Board of Health and other health agencies monitored septic system effects for appropriate handling of sewage. Title 5 eventually became the regulation to handle safety issues for septic systems.


Mouras offered a great design to introduce septic services in Strafford County, NH. By the 1950s, a design consisting of concrete tanks that filter effluent into drainfields had become the norm. Since then, additional accessories have further improved the system to make it more effective and safer. Products include septic tank risers, filters, and filter alarms.

Today, around 25 percent of homes in the US use septic systems. Modern construction includes systems made of concrete, plastic or fiberglass.

Septic Companies

With the popularity of these systems, the industry has seen the development of septic companies in Strafford County, NH. These professionals know septic systems inside and out. They are key in properly maintaining systems for optimal functioning and safety. They ensure efficient operation and prevent back-ups and overflows to maintain a healthy environment. These companies typically specialize in the development and installation of systems as well as their ongoing maintenance.

Looking to the Future

Does your property use septic services in Strafford County, NH? Would you like to consider this alternative to municipal water supplies? To find out more about the potential solutions for your property, contact the team at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC.

We offer expert insight into the installation and maintenance of septic systems. Since 2005, we have been the go-to septic company in Strafford County, NH. Reach us today for a professional consultation at 603-755-2110.

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