Controlling What Goes Down the Drain and Into Your Septic Tank in Strafford County, NH

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What do you send into your septic tank in Strafford County, NH? Are you making your system work harder than it needs to? Are you hurting your tank and increasing the need for septic service?

If you’re on septic, it’s essential to monitor what goes down your drain. Here’s the scoop about what you should allow and what you should avoid in your system.


Of course, you’ll be sending water into your septic tank in Strafford County, NH. However, it’s important to keep in mind that too much water can overload your septic system.

Try to minimize the amount of water your tank has to process. Use effective drainage systems to keep the drain field as dry as possible. Choose environmentally-friendly appliances and toilets that conserve water. Avoid laundry marathons. If you have any leaks, make repairs right away.

Lastly, limit long showers, especially if there are many people in the household.


Do you have a garbage disposal? Be careful to limit your reliance on this device. While it may chop up the solids to move them along the piping, they still end up in your septic tank. Too many solids will pile up in your tank and form sludge that must be pumped out of the system. Try to use the garbage disposal solely to clean out the scraps that collect in the sink. Consider starting a compost pile for food waste or contribute to a community gardening compost heap.


Household cleaners can greatly affect the performance of your septic tank in Strafford County, NH. A single teaspoon of chemical drain cleaner can kill off the bacteria in our septic tank. This may sound like a good thing, but, in this case, you want the bacteria to live. They are necessary to break down the materials that enter your tank. Avoid placing “anti-septics” in your system or using harsh household cleaners that will work their way into your system.


Additives are available that claim to break down the sludge in your system. These are often ineffective or unnecessary. Check with our local septic service in Strafford County, NH to see if you need to use these products in your system. These experts can recommend the best solutions and help you avoid wasting time and money on additives you don’t need. A better solution may be regular pumping of your septic tank.

Protect Your Drain

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