Five Signs of Leach Field Failure in Strafford County, NH

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Your home septic system is constantly working hard. Most of your everyday household activities put a strain on the system, from washing laundry and flushing the toilet to doing dishes and taking a shower. This all goes on every day without any issues—that is, until the leach field fails. Usually, the leach field holds the water by absorbing it into the surrounding soil. A leach field failure in Strafford County, NH occurs when the leach field no longer has the necessary capacity to handle the water it received.

Most septic system problems stem from an issue that began in the leach field before developing into something serious. Luckily, septic system users can spot a developing leach field problem before it completely fails by watching out for these five warning signs:

  • Green grass: Lush green grass is usually seen as being a good thing, but it could actually be a sign that there’s something wrong with the leach field. The vibrant grass often sprouts up when the lawn sucks in the extra fertilizer at the roots, which could mean there’s an issue with the septic system.
  • Strange plumbing noises: Mysterious sounds and gurgling noises from the pipes could be an indication that the drain is not venting correctly. This can be caused by a partial blockage in the pipes.
  • Standing water in the yard: There should never be standing patches of water near the leach field. Puddles are a common warning sign that the system is starting to fail. The wastewater then accumulates in the leach field, which can pose a serious health hazard if it isn’t handled immediately. Call an expert for leach field maintenance in Strafford County, NH at the first sign of unexplained puddles.
  • Smell of sewage: No one wants to smell sewage—especially inside the house. That whiff of rotten eggs is likely the smell of toxic sulfur. It is possible raw sewage has escaped the tank and leaked into the ground if the smell intensifies as you walk near the location of the septic tank.
  • Water backing up: Call a professional immediately if you notice water backing up when running the washing machine or coming back up the drain and into the bathtub. Sewage backups are the worst and most obvious signs of leach field failure. Having raw sewage seep into a home can have serious health and safety consequences.

Avoid serious damage

Failing to call a professional when you notice any of these signs could result in serious damage to your home and budget. Not only will you have to pay for costly leach field repairs, but the damage could extent to the flooring, walls, furniture and cabinets from the backed-up toilets and tubs. There will also be additional costs to remediate the mold growth that will likely occur once the toxic sewage enters the home. Plus, the exposure to raw sewage can have serious health consequences.

Call the professionals at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC at the first sign of any septic tank problems. One of our expert technicians will be able to check the system and address any developing problems before they turn into a major disaster. Contact us today to get started!

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