Do You Need a Septic Pump in Your System?

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Septic systems come in a variety of sizes and styles. They offer different features for different property needs. One of these options is a septic pump. Does your system need one? Would this part allow you to prevent or reduce septic pumping in Strafford County, NH?

To determine whether or not you need a septic pump in your system, you must have a good understanding of what this feature is, what it does and what benefits it offers. Here’s the scoop.

What is a septic tank pump?

A septic tank pump is a small, submersible electrical pump that can be installed in your septic tank. It features a float switch that signals the pump to turn on and off as the tank fills with water.

How does a septic tank pump work?

Septic tank pumps feature an impeller that spins when the float switch turns the pump on. The impeller pushes the water in the tank through pipes to empty the tank and prevent overflow.

Why would you need a septic tank pump?

In certain situations, a septic tank pump is helpful to keep the system draining properly. For example, if the tank is below the grade of the drain field, a septic tank pump can help overcome the challenges of gravity for water flow. A pump can also be helpful if you tend to use a lot of water in one day. Several large loads of laundry can overwhelm a system. A septic tank pump will help keep excess water out of the tank to prevent damage.

How is a septic tank pump installed?

Septic tank pumps can be installed in the final chamber of a septic tank or in a separate pump station. For septic tanks with only one chamber, it is best to install the pump in a separate station. This will prevent the pump from picking up solids from your tank and causing a blockage. Wherever the pump is installed, you should choose a dirty water pump that can handle the pumping of small solids to prevent clogs.

What is a septic pump alarm and do I need one?

A septic tank pump alarm is a standard feature of septic tank pumps. Typically, the float switch is wired to an alarm panel so an alarm will sound if the water level in the chamber gets too high. The alarm will notify you that the water is not being pumped out as it should. You can then take immediate action to avoid flooding and other damage.

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