How Often Should You Get Your Septic Tank Emptied?

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It’s important to understand your sewage system, no matter if you are on the city sewer grid or a septic system of your own. That being said, homes that run on septic require some special (and timely) attention. You may know that septic tanks are typically constructed from plastic or concrete and collect the sewage and wastewater from your house. Since it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain their septic tank, knowing when your tank needs cleaning is a must.

You are probably wondering how often you should schedule septic pumping and residential septic tank cleaning in Strafford County, NH. The short answer is that it varies. Read on for more information!

When to empty your septic tank

Although how often you really need to empty your septic tank depends on usage, the ideal frequency is once every three to five years. Factors that come into play include the size of your household and how many toilets, sinks, showers and other drains you have. For instance, a house with a single occupant could potentially go longer than five years between tank pumping, while a family of five or seven is likely to need tank pumping every one to two years.

However, keep in mind that pumping the tank and cleaning it periodically is essential for the septic system’s operation. A septic tank that is not working as it should be can pose problems for your household, such as sewage backing up into your home through drains or sewage coming up from the ground where your septic tank is buried or in your drain field.

A seeping or backing-up tank can be a health hazard and lead to expensive plumbing and tank repairs. To avoid problems, figure out your household’s water usage, make note of your tank pumping intervals to date and create a pumping schedule. Recall when you emptied the system last and whether or not you had to deal with plumbing problems. Also, it might be worthwhile to ask neighbors with similar sized households about their septic tank pumping frequency.

Why empty your septic tank

Because septic systems send sewage and wastewater into a septic tank on a regular basis, the tank will need to be emptied to avoid overload. Don’t assume, just because you’ve never had serious problems with your tank, that it doesn’t need regular maintenance. It’s important to have a professional pump your septic tank so it can collect household sewage, but not exceed its capacity. An improperly maintained tank can make household water and drain field areas unsanitary and stinky, and you will not have happy neighbors.

Call a professional

Why hire a pro to pump your septic tank? Professionals are trained to handle the waste in septic tanks and dispose of it properly. And besides, the only way you can do this cleaning task yourself is if you have the training, skills and equipment—which you almost certainly don’t. Leave it to the experts or risk costly damage and a serious inconvenience. For reliable residential septic tank cleaning in Strafford County, NH anytime, contact the team at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC!

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