The Importance of Leach Field Maintenance in Strafford County, NH

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If your home or business relies on a septic system, you have to take some extra steps to maintain and repair your system that don’t apply to people who are connected to municipal waste management. Although this extra work can be well worth it when it comes to avoiding monthly payments to municipal waste management services and preventing groundwater contamination that’s associated with sewer lines, it’s important to be diligent about every aspect of septic service and care, including leach field maintenance in Strafford County, NH. Make sure you understand the role your leach field plays in the function of your septic system as a whole and how important it is to maintain it properly.

What a leach field does

A leach field, also called a drain field, plays a critical role in your septic system. Once waste is separated and layered in your septic tank, the liquid layer, or effluent, is diverted to your drain field, where it is treated as it seeps through the soil. Typically, the leach field is positioned in an area with soil that isn’t too coarse or too fine, to ensure effective percolation. This process removes bacteria and contaminants from the wastewater and restores the treated water as groundwater to be used in the system again.

Maintaining your leach field

It’s important to get leach field maintenance in Strafford County, NH to ensure that it continues to effectively treat wastewater. The plumbing that runs water through your septic system and out to your drain field must be maintained and repaired as necessary to prevent leaks and other problems.

Typically, leach field problems don’t simply spring up overnight. Instead, issues with your leach field slowly develop over many years of use. Aging is the primary concern when it comes to septic system issues and damage. Typically, your leach field lasts for about 20 years, which can be a much shorter lifespan than that of your septic tank itself. Excessive rainfall can also cause problems with oversaturation in your leach field. Oversaturation may also be caused by overuse. In addition to the professional maintenance you get on a routine basis, you should also take daily preventative steps to keep your leach field in good shape. Make sure to stagger appliance use and focus on water conservation to prevent pushing your system past its capacity.

Call for leach field maintenance in Strafford County, NH

If you’re looking for reliable leach field maintenance in Strafford County, NH, make sure to give the team at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC a call. For over a decade, homeowners and business owners in and around Strafford County, NH have trusted us to service and maintain their septic systems. We offer septic pumping, leach field services and grease trap maintenance to keep every aspect of your septic system operating the way it should. When you get service from our experts, you can expect exceptional communication and quality work every step of the way. One of our customer service representatives will help answer your questions and schedule a service appointment with a trained and certified technician. Get in touch today to learn more!

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