How Line Jetting Can Increase Water Flow

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Good water pressure is what a lot of us look for in home plumbing. We love hopping in the shower and feeling the dirt and grime from the day get washed away. Unfortunately, that nice feeling can be short-lived if our pipes are clogged with sludge or debris. You can prevent that from happening, though—in addition to other benefits, our line jetting services have proven to increase the water flow in homes throughout the area. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible service!

What is line jetting?

Before we dive into how line jetting can increase your water flow, it might be helpful to know how the process works. For the uninitiated, line jetting involves the use of extremely high-pressure water to blast away pretty much anything that’s in your pipes. This water, which can have a pressure of 4,000 psi, can obliterate semi-solids and even rogue tree roots! Additionally, line jetting will clear out any sludge that’s starting to build up in your pipes that’ll eventually lead to decreased water flow.

Benefits of line jetting

Line jetting obviously has a number of benefits. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be such a popular plumbing service! A few of the most common reasons why people call us for line jetting are listed below:

  • Increased water flow: One of the biggest advantages of scheduling line jetting in Strafford County, NH is to increase your water flow! Nobody likes a trickle of water coming from the faucet or showerhead. A lot of times, that trickle is caused by dirty or partially clogged pipes. You can ensure your water pressure is strong by flushing out all of that junk with line jetting.
  • No pipe trauma: Clearing up clogs with a mechanical snake and rotating blades is proven to work. Unfortunately, doing this often can actually do more harm than good over the long term. Those blades wreak havoc on your pipes, and can lead to leaks and major repairs down the road. Instead of harming your pipes, clean out clogs with line jetting! High-pressured water clears out clogs without harming your pipes.
  • Clean pipes: Traditional unclogging methods will do just that—clear up a clog. But that’s all it’ll do! Eventually, that clog can come back if it’s caused by sludge accumulation. Line jetting will get rid of all of that sludge, so all you’re left with is a clean plumbing system.

When should I call for line jetting?

There’s really no set time to call us for line jetting, but you should definitely set up an appointment in the near future if you’ve noticed that your water flow is weaker than usual or if your pipes are constantly clogged up. As mentioned above, our services will blast away the sludge that’s causing your water to trickle out. We’ll also be able to clear out anything that could cause a clog in the near future.

Don’t wait until your water is barely strong enough to take a shower—call B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC today for line jetting in Strafford County, NH! We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your newly improved water pressure.

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