Spring Cleaning Means Septic Tank Cleaning!

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If your home or business has a septic system, then you know the importance of regular septic tank pumping. Without this essential maintenance, your plumbing system can fail. Septic tank failure is when wastewater backs up inside your home and/or into your yard. This type of situation can be messy, stinky and costly, and will be inconvenient to you, but it can be avoided when you keep your septic system well maintained.

Here are some reasons why spring is the perfect season for septic tank cleaning in Strafford County, NH:

  • The ground is more dry: Long, wet winters will cause the ground to get soggy and cold, which makes septic cleaning a more challenging task. But in the spring, the ground tends to be dry—it’s better for the soil to be dry before moving forward with septic tank pumping and cleaning. The key is not to wait until summer, because summer storms may saturate the ground, causing wastewater and septic tank solids to come up through absorption areas.
  • Frozen water table: Septic tank pumping and system cleaning is ideal during the spring season, especially since the water table is still likely to be frozen in early to mid-spring. The frozen water table makes for an easier time pumping and causes less shifting of the ground and the septic tank.
  • More efficient wastewater treatment: If you time your vacation and septic tank cleaning just right, you’ll have a smooth working system all season long. What do we mean by this? Well, the professionals will tell you that wastewater treatment is more efficient after the system has been freshly pumped and has some time to rest—one to two weeks is ideal. So, if you can, schedule septic tank pumping and cleaning right before you plan to leave on spring vacation. This will give the absorption zone some time to dry out, while also clearing organic matter and excess wastewater.
  • Get peace of mind: Your septic tank can only function well with proper care and maintenance. When you schedule septic tank pumping in the spring, you can rest easy knowing that your home and family are safe from septic backups.

Tips to prepare your system for spring

Ready to commit to getting your septic system ready for the spring season? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Check the tank filter: Over the winter months, your tank filter can become clogged with debris, scum and other stuff left over from winter storms, which can mess with your system’s operation. To ensure proper function during the spring season, make sure the tank filter is clear of debris.
  • Clean home drains: Clogged drains and pipes will overwork your septic system, meaning it has to work harder to pump water and potentially leading to flooding. When getting your septic system pumped and cleaned this spring, make sure your technician also clears the drains and pipes.
  • Redirect downspouts: Excess water in the system can lead to flooding. So, in preparation for spring showers, make sure that your downspouts are facing away from all septic system components and your drain field.

Contact the experts at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC for exceptional septic tank cleaning in Strafford County, NH this spring!

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