Why It’s Important to Prioritize Winter Grease Trap Cleaning in Strafford County, NH

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Regular cleaning of commercial drains isn’t just important to keep a sanitary system—it’s also a good maintenance policy to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency for years into the future. By regularly cleaning your commercial drain, you can remove any buildup of gunk, prevent some of the most common sewage issues and keep your kitchen both clean and safe. These cleanings and maintenance tasks should be performed in all seasons, including during the winter.

Let’s take a quick look at some issues that could arise during the winter if you neglect proper professional drain and grease trap cleaning in Strafford County, NH.

The importance of a grease trap to a commercial kitchen

Grease traps are extremely important in commercial kitchens, meaning restaurant owners and owners of hospitality businesses should be proactive in their cleaning and maintenance practices. The grease trap collects any grease that comes from cooking and keeps it from going into the sewer system. Because grease congeals over time, it can cause some significant damage to sewer systems if it is allowed to build up.

You have probably been instructed since you were young to never pour grease down your sink. This is why—you would contribute to a major buildup of fats, oils and grease (known as FOGs). Now, think of how much grease is created in a commercial kitchen versus a residential kitchen, and you’ll see exactly why grease traps are so important. Grease traps prevent most of this debris from passing through to the municipal sewer system. If too much grease gets through, not only does it risk damaging the sewer system, but it could also lead to your business being subjected to some significant fines.

What happens to grease buildup during the winter?

Remember that all FOGs naturally cool off and congeal, which is why they are so dangerous if they are left to accumulate inside piping. The buildup of FOGs causes blockages that can prevent a plumbing system from working properly.

These problems are exacerbated during the winter months. The cold weather causes these FOGs to congeal faster and become even tougher. If you then drain these FOGs through your pipe, the damage you would cause to your pipe systems would be even more severe. The grease trap will help you to catch most of these before they become problematic to your pipes, but the cold weather makes the job a little bit tougher.

For this reason, it’s extremely important that your business adheres to its regular maintenance and cleaning schedule during the winter as well as during other times of the year.

There is no reason to put off getting your grease trap cleaned, and the best results come from trained professionals with plenty of commercial grease trap cleaning experience. Procrastination becomes even more dangerous if you are already experiencing sewage issues at your restaurant, hotel or cafeteria. For more information about obtaining commercial grease tap cleaning in Strafford County, NH, we encourage you to contact our team of experts today.

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