What’s the Purpose of Septic Tank Risers in Strafford County, NH?

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Even those who own a home with a septic tank are often unfamiliar with the various parts that make up the system. Additionally, not all models feature the same parts. One essential component to any septic system is a septic tank riser. If you have little experience with septic tank risers in Strafford County, NH, following is a quick overview of answers to some FAQs related to septic tank risers.

What is a septic tank riser?

A septic tank riser is a pipe that stretches from the septic tank pump-out opening to the access ports at the top of the tank at ground level. It is made of concrete or plastic and offers access to the sump pump above ground.

What does a septic riser look like? How can I recognize one?

Septic tank risers in Strafford County, NH are typically eight to 24 inches in diameter. They are covered with a secure lid to enclose the opening of the riser which leads down to the septic tank. They are located near ground level, usually protruding slightly above the ground for easy access.

How do septic tank risers in Strafford County, NH withstand the weather?

Constructed of durable materials, septic tank risers can weather the storms of the Northeast. Seasonal freezes are not a problem. The risers are built for exposure to the elements.

What are the advantages of septic tank risers?

Have you ever tried to locate a septic tank that was not equipped with a septic tank riser? Not all septic tanks have risers, including many older models. Without a riser at ground level, the homeowner or technician attempting to service a septic tank must search for the system and dig a hole in the lawn to access it. Some treasure hunts are fun. This one is not.

With a septic tank riser located at the surface of the lawn, accessing the septic tank for pumping, inspection and other maintenance is much more simple and convenient.

Are there any disadvantages?

The main disadvantage of septic tank risers in Strafford County, NH is aesthetics. Since the riser is located above ground, it is visible. Not every homeowner wants a two-foot pipe head visible in their yard. However, considering it saves them from digging up their yard to access the septic system, it may be the prettier of the two alternatives!

How can I add a septic tank riser to my system?

If your system currently does not have a septic tank riser, contact a septic system professional to add this feature. They will instruct you on appropriate sizing and location for your system. The technician will find your tank using a probing system or electronic device. They will then dig up the ground around the access hole and replace the lid with the riser. Lastly, they will refill the ground around the riser and cover it with a lid.

Are you ready to add easy access to your septic system? To start the process of adding a septic tank riser in Strafford County, NH to your home, contact the experts at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC. Reach out to our experienced team today!

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