How Often Do You Need Commercial Septic Pumping in Strafford County, NH?

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Having a septic tank can come with a pretty hefty set of considerations and responsibilities. You have to prepare yourself for potential repair concerns and make sure that you keep up with regular maintenance, service and pumping. It can be difficult to keep track of all of these necessary services, but it is well worth the effort. Failing to take care of your system properly can have a whole host of negative outcomes, including septic backup and major system damage.

As a business owner, it is important that you are aware of the need for commercial septic pumping in Strafford County, NH, and that you know when you will need to have this service done. Here are some critical points to keep in mind as you consider your septic system.

The importance of septic pumping

When wastewater enters your septic tank, it divides into layers of scum, effluent and sludge, with scum floating to the top and sludge sinking to the bottom. Over time, this sludge will build up in your system and it has to be removed in order to ensure that the effluent can effectively flow into the leach field. When sludge is clogging up your tank, it prevents water from flowing in and out as normal and can force water back into your business through sinks and toilets. In addition to water backup, sludge can prevent the separation process from taking place, which can lead to clogs in your leach fields that must be addressed with expensive repairs.

Knowing when to get pumping services

The frequency with which you will need septic pumping services varies and is dependent on a number of different factors. The size of your company, the age of your system, your water consumption and the date of your last system maintenance can all affect how often you will have to have your system pumped. A general timeline is between one and two years for businesses that have a relatively high level of water consumption.

Although this can be a useful guideline to keep in mind, it is important that you determine the timeline that works for your specific situation. If you are unsure about how to calculate the frequency with which your business will have to have septic pumping in Strafford County, NH, you can contact a local business that provides septic services to advise you based on your specific circumstances. Regardless of when you have service completed, it is important that you find a company who you can trust to take care of your system with a high level of care.

Call for commercial septic pumping in Strafford County, NH

If you’ve determined that it’s time for your business to get septic pumping services, you can get help from B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC. We were established in 2005, and we have been providing our customers with high-quality, professional services that they can depend on ever since. Our years of experience have given us the ability to work with a variety of different systems and solve even large and complicated issues with your system. Our comprehensive septic services include septic pumping, leach field maintenance and septic tank riser services to keep your system in the best condition possible for years to come. Contact us today to find out more about what our family-owned business can do for you!

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