How Long Will a Septic System Last?

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We get this question a lot: How long will a new septic system last? It’s a great question, but the answer can be little bit complicated, because there are just so many variables.

The basics of septic tank longevity

The expected longevity of your septic tank depends on the quality of its build and the materials it’s made from. The life expectancy of the piping of your septic system depends mostly on how protected your pipes are from damage from the pressure of vehicle traffic, from tree roots and from flooding. And finally, the life expectancy of the drain field can vary a lot based on the type of drain field you’re using and the type of soil you have.

If you do everything right and invest in regular residential septic tank cleaning in Strafford County, NH, your tank can easily last up to 50 years. Let’s explore what can be done to give your tank this type of longevity.

Use the right materials

There are three main types of septic system: a steel septic tank, a concrete septic tank and a conventional septic drain field. Of the three, the septic drain field is by far the most efficient and long-lasting, whereas the steel septic tank is by far the least efficient and least long-lasting, just because it naturally rusts due to the acidity in the soil surrounding the steel and the acidity of the contents of your septic tank. Concrete tanks can be crucial if you live right on the water, or below sea level, as you can make absolutely sure that your septic sludge is not seeping into the ground water. Concrete tanks can last every bit as long as a conventional septic drain field if you use high-quality concrete. But if you have highly acidic ground water, odds are your tank will lose significant longevity.

Clean it regularly

For most of us with septic tanks, we’re dealing with septic drain fields. The most important thing to do to add longevity to this type of septic tank is to hire a company to provide regular residential septic tank cleaning in Strafford County, NH. A full tank can fail, causing a backup into your house or into your soil. And even if the full tank doesn’t fail immediately, it will no longer be protecting your soil from absorbing the toxins within the tank. If you keep neglecting your septic tank, you’re risking shortening the lifespan of your septic tank tremendously.

Fix any problem immediately

Prevention is the best medicine, often preventing things from going wrong in the first place. But if something does go wrong, you need to fix the problem immediately by calling a provider of residential septic tank cleaning in Strafford County, NH. They’ll keep your tank healthy and teach you how to take better care of it to extend its life.

If you require residential septic tank cleaning in Strafford County, NH, B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC is the company to call! Getting your tank cleaned today can save you lots of money and stress in the future.

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