Five Signs You Need Septic Tank Pumping in Strafford County, NH

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B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC recommends scheduled septic tank pumping in Strafford County, NH to maintain functioning and hygiene. Despite this advice, we still encounter customers who do not pump their septic tanks unless they notice a problem. This is not recommended, but you can at least prevent further damage if you detect the issues early. Here are five signs to watch for so you can pump your septic tank on time:

  • Slow drains: If you notice your bathtub takes longer to drain and your toilets flush slower, that could be a clog. Start by using septic-safe pipe clearing methods in case that is the only problem. However, if drains remain slow even after you clear them, you likely face a full septic tank. Arrange for pumping soon so you do not find waste coming up from your drains.
  • Pooling water: It is normal for water to pool around your leach field after a rainstorm. However, if this continues despite the weather, your full septic tank may be causing leaks. This creates a hygiene hazard, but also a security risk. Overflowing septic tanks are often the first sign that you are not home and your house is a worthy crime target. When you see pooling water, act now!
  • Odors: Septic tanks should not smell. When they produce odors, that is an indication that something is very wrong. As it fills up, all the accumulated gray water from washing dishes, taking showers and flushing toilets starts to surface and produce the odors. In the worst cases, even far-off rural neighbors will notice the stench, and visitors to your home will never overlook it. Regular pumping prevents these odors from occurring, and if you detect them, it is time to call us.
  • Lush grass: If your leach field is under a lawn or pasture, the grass should not look any different than anywhere else on your property. It is a myth that it is normal for grass to grow better around a septic system. In fact, it is a sign of trouble that needs attention soon. If the grass looks better around your septic tank and leach field than it does anywhere else on your property, it is likely your tank or the pipes connected to it are leaking. In these cases, you need your tank pumped and likely evaluated for repair.
  • Sewer backup: Likely the grossest and most upsetting symptom of all is sewer backup. No one wants to take a shower as biological waste seeps up through the drain, and if your toilets constantly overflow, that only adds to the nightmare. Sewer backup is a sure sign of septic trouble and a full tank. Act quickly to get control of this unpleasant and unsanitary condition immediately!

Call B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC today to arrange for septic tank pumping in Strafford County, NH and enjoy a cleaner home and yard this summer. We can help determine a schedule for pumping based on the size of your system and its use.

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