Five Indications That You Need Septic Tank Cleaning in Strafford County, NH

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Septic tank backups are nightmares. Sewage invades your home, leaving it uninhabitable for residents and guests. The only solution to this problem is a septic tank cleaning in Strafford County, NH from your preferred provider. B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC offers this service for emergencies and regularly scheduled appointments. Here are five signs your system is backed up and needs cleaning:

  • Contaminated wells: If you have a septic system, you likely collect water from a well. Since the two systems are closely linked, it is possible for your septic tank to infect your well water. If household members get sick and the source is well contaminants, call for septic service immediately. There is a very high likelihood that the problems are linked, and you must address them both to make your home safe again.
  • Slow drains: One slow drain is likely a clog. Once you clear it, you should see immediate relief. If there are several slow drains in your home, that indicates a system problem. As septic tanks back up, they make draining slow, and you will notice that with sinks, toilets and the shower. Failing to address this problem soon will result in sewage coming up from your drains later, and you do not want to experience that!
  • Visits from black water: Likely the most revolting symptom of all, you know for certain there is a septic system backup if black water starts coming up from your drains. This can happen at the worst times, like when you are taking a shower or hosting guests. When you see this occurring, do not waste time—call us now. This is a health and environmental hazard that must be handled immediately.
  • Excessive vegetation: The areas around your septic tank and leach field should not look different from any other place in your yard. However, if you notice lush vegetation, algae and pooling water even on dry days, something is terribly wrong. This is often the first sign of a backup before odors and black water present themselves. Many people buy the myth that this is normal with septic tanks and ignore it. Do not make that mistake—address it immediately before you notice worse problems. Keep in mind that even if the accumulated water does not have an odor, you still have an issue that requires quick attention.
  • Smelly home: A septic tank should never produce odors. It is considered one of the greenest ways to manage sewage and is very clean, despite preconceived notions. However, if there are noticeable odors in your home no matter how much you scrub your bathrooms and kitchen, this is an early indication of septic tank backup. As the waste moves closer to the tank surface, you are more likely to smell it. It is not your imagination, so give us a call soon before the problem becomes more serious.

If your septic tank is making life unpleasant, call B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC today to arrange for septic tank cleaning in Strafford County, NH and any necessary repairs.

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