Spring Is a Good Time to Arrange for Septic Pumping in Strafford County, NH

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The arrival of spring means warmer temperatures, blooming flowers and the chance to spend time outside enjoying the company of your family and friends. Spring is also a great time to schedule septic pumping in Strafford County, NH. Keep reading to learn why, and to discover some other helpful tips for maintaining your septic system:

  • Less buildup of sludge will occur: Experts recommend arranging for septic pumping in warmer weather to ensure that sludge and other materials have less of a chance to accumulate. If you fail to have septic pumping scheduled before the colder weather returns, it’s possible that your septic system could become too backed up with sludge and other materials. This in turn could lead to an improperly functioning septic system and the need for pumping and other possible repairs during the cold season—a less than ideal time to be performing this type of work.
  • A thawed ground allows for much more efficient pumping: In colder weather, the ground can freeze very easily, even if it doesn’t look like this is what’s occurring. Because septic tanks tend to be in spots that are difficult to access, it will be much more challenging for the professional you hire to access your septic tank through ground that is frozen or still wet from snow.
  • Warmer weather allows the task to be performed more thoroughly: Also, the cold can make its way into your septic tank when the ground is frozen. This can result in the accumulation of frozen or near-frozen sludge on the sides of the tank, making it more difficult to be sure that all of the sludge that has built up in your septic tank has been removed.

Don’t put off those undesirable but necessary tasks. Be sure to have leaky faucets or any other fixtures that seem to be leaking fixed while the weather is warm. Waiting until it turns colder again to have these leaks repaired allows for more time for your pipes to become frozen. Sinks or other fixtures that leak continuously send a tiny amount of water into your pipes, ultimately causing them to freeze and potentially leading to a frozen septic tank.

And of course, if your septic system seems to be in need of pumping even while temperatures still remain cold, it makes more sense to arrange for servicing than to wait until warm weather arrives. The longer you wait, the more any issues are likely to become worse, leading to more challenging repairs.

As spring approaches, don’t delay! Contact B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC to arrange for septic pumping in Strafford County, NH today. For over 10 years, our family owned business has been proud to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for your residential and commercial septic system needs. We are fully licensed and insured, and our friendly, knowledgeable team of professionals stands behind the quality of their work.

To schedule an appointment for septic pumping or tank cleaning, septic inspection, line jetting or video inspections, or for a free estimate, give us a call today!

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