How Often Should I Schedule Septic Pumping in Farmington, NH?

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As a general rule, industry standards dictate that septic systems should be cleaned and inspected every two years at a minimum, but there are a number of varying factors that could determine how much septic pumping in Farmington, NH your household will need. Let’s take a closer look.

Frequency of use

Naturally, a home with four family members living under one roof will accumulate more waste disposal—and will have to clear their septic system more often—than a summer home that is only used a handful of times throughout the year. Your pumping schedule could also deviate from the average if you run a home business that incorporates more water usage. For example, if you have run a day care, hair salon or have a photography studio in your home, your water usage and waste output would be greatly increased. In these instances, no matter the size of the tank, you would likely need to clean your tank with more frequency to balance the presence of more solids and heightened usage.

Conversely, if you have water preserving appliances in your home—such as water conserving washing machines, low flush toilets or low flow shower heads—your water usage would be vastly reduced and your system would not have to be pumped as much as the standard recommends. It is also important to keep in mind that homes with garbage disposals can yield up to 50 percent more solid waste than those without, and it is recommended that homes that have them pump their septic systems at least once a year.

Another way to formulate your own schedule is to always keep in mind when your last pumping took place. When your septic tank specialist comes to your home to perform the maintenance, always keep the dated receipt that lists what work was done and save it for your records. If it was noted that the cleaning was particularly difficult because too much time elapsed between cleanings, it is likely that your current schedule doesn’t match your family’s output very well. Or you might find out that you can go a little longer in between cleanings because your family isn’t producing that much waste. You can then take this information and try to tweak the schedule in the future.

Size of your septic tank

The size of your tank in relation to how many people live in the home will be a key determinant in how closely you should stick to this two-year guideline. Say you have a medium sized tank that has a 1,500-gallon capacity. If there are only two people in the home, a tank this size could more than double the recommended two years before needing to be pumped. However, a family of seven using the same sized tank would need to routinely have their tank pumped every year and eight months or so.

There are resources and charting systems available that can help you determine if every two years is suitable, or if you need to customize your schedule for septic pumping in Farmington, NH. If you are still unsure and want to consult a professional to find out what is best for your home, call the experienced team at B.H. Cameron Septic Services LLC. Waiting too long can have devastating consequences for both your septic and water systems, so make sure you call right away.

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